Daniel Mordarski, DVM



Dr. Daniel Mordarski grew up in and has spent most of his life in Massachusetts. He completed his undergraduate studies in Washington DC, but then returned home to attend Tufts Veterinary School. He graduated in 2017 with a combined veterinary and public health degree, and has been practicing emergency medicine ever since. 

After two years at his first job, Dr. Mordarski decided to take a bit of a break and travel the world. He spent a total of 4 months between South Africa and India, where he was heavily involved in a wide variety of veterinary educational and volunteer work. One of the many highlights of his trip was to be involved in the anesthetizing and relocation of wildlife species, such as lions and elephants. He returned to the States in November 2019 and started at NEAMC shortly after.

 Outside of work, Dr. Mordarski is an avid rock climber and general mountain enthusiast. There’s a good chance you might find him at one of the many local climbing or hiking hotspots, spending time with a close-knit group of friends who share the same passion.