Diet & Nutrition

Proper nutrition is just as valuable in maintaining your pet’s health as it is for your own well being. Your New England Animal Medical Center primary care veterinarian will discuss diet with you during some office visits. In particular we spend time on nutritional counseling during pediatric visits as well as geriatric visits. Some of our clinic technicians are also specifically trained to answer your questions about diet and nutrition.

The New England Animal Medical Center does not sell conventional dog and cat food since clients can obtain these less expensively at supermarkets or pet store outlets, however we do offer “Rx” diets. These are foods that are formulated to treat specific medical conditions in dogs and cats. There are foods for pets with kidney disease, heart disease, and gastrointestinal disease to name a few. These therapeutic diets can help keep your pet comfortable while increasing life span when utilized with appropriate exercise programs and appropriate medications when indicated.