General Services

Preventative Medicine

We believe that it is much better to prevent a disease than to treat one! Here are some of the programs that are available at the New England Animal Medical Center designed to keep your pet happy and healthy and, in the long run, to lower your pet health care costs. Preventative Measures Yearly physical… read more


Animal dental care is important. Many pet owners seek dental care for their pets because of a foul mouth odor that is often related to tooth and/or gum disease. Regular dental care for your pet prevents odor, keeps them comfortable, prevents premature loss of teeth, and increases life span! Many pet owners tell us that… read more


Thinking about a non traditional pet? We have some useful advice to consider before you obtain your exotic friend. They may not be dogs or cats, but many non-traditional animals can be just as important in our lives as the pets we commonly find in households. Exotic pets are simply non-traditional critters that include rodents… read more

General Surgery

The New England Animal Medical Center Surgery Department works as a team with other hospital departments to provide the best possible care for your pet. We maintain a sophisticated inventory of surgical equipment and supplies as well as the most modern anesthetic equipment and anesthetic monitoring equipment available. Even more important is our staff… read more

Diet & Nutrition

Proper nutrition is just as valuable in maintaining your pet’s health as it is for your own well being. Your New England Animal Medical Center primary care veterinarian will discuss diet with you during some office visits. In particular we spend time on nutritional counseling during pediatric visits as well as geriatric visits. Some of… read more

Laser Therapy in Small Animals

The New England Animal Medical Center is proud to introduce our new low level laser therapy! Laser therapy is a relatively new treatment modality that can be used in both cats and dogs for a number of different conditions. The laser produces specific light wavelengths and frequencies to effect a photochemical… read more